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Friday, April 15, 2011

Congratulations everyone!


First, we would like to congratulate our very own Alys Alley who is one of only twelve students in the nation selected for the Udall Foundation's Native American Congressional Internship this summer. Alys will be working in the Office of Representative Dale E. Kildee (D) from Michigan's fifth congressional district. What an honor!

In addition, two of our graduating seniors Adonia Arteaga and Seann Smith have been offered teaching positions through Teach for America, a corps program that places college graduates from various disciplines in urban and rural classrooms. TFA teachers often work with students who fall into the "opportunity gap," including many minorities, and we are so proud that Seann and Adonia will be able to inspire young people, make a difference, and represent the Native community through this program. Placements have not yet been finalized, but it looks like Seann will be going to California and Adonia will be going to Colorado. We will miss them but this will be a great experience!

All of our 2011 graduates have accomplished so much, and as a way to honor ALL of our graduates, there will be a Native Graduation ceremony on Friday night, April 29th. More information will follow and invitations are being printed as you read this. Everyone is welcome to attend and we would love to see community members there; we will be celebrating our graduates' accomplishments and a feast will follow the ceremony!

Our very own Dance for Mother Earth Powwow was featured yesterday on USA Today's list of "10 Great places to be wowed by American Indian culture". This is great publicity and a testament to all of the hard work that we did this year and in the past to make the powwow an exceptional community event.

Finally, we've realized that a lot of our Native undergrads were spring babies and to celebrate our birthdays that fall into the spring, the undergraduates will be getting together on Saturday, April 23 to have a little celebration. Location, time, and activities are to be determined. If you would like to come, please contact Elise McGowan for details.

March, April, & May birthdays:
Elise McGowan, Don Wilkerson, Andrea Hebner, Rayna Caskey, Rachel Derusha, Jasmine Pawlicki, Michelle Saboo, Forrest Cox, Seann Smith, Matt Hillyer, and Tony Menard

Happy Birthday to all!

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