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Monday, October 31, 2011

Gego ina g'wii miizh maage gego daa zhichige (Trick or Treat!)

Taaseong Ikidowinan (Halloween Words)

[Courtesy of Meg Noori, Howard Kimewon, & Alphonse Pitawanakwat, U-M Ojibwe Instructors.]
Gego & Goya - Things & People
ziinziibaakadons - candy
dengwe-kaajigaan - face mask
koosman - pumpkin
biinoojiinh - child
ingo-dibik - one more night
kina goya - everyone
jiibay - ghost, spirit
niijaans - child

Ezhichige-ikidowinan - Verbs
miijin - to eat (inanimate)
zaage - to come out
manaajpindizo - to dress crazy
miizinikidaan - to carve it up
zegizi - to scare someone
miizh - to give someone something
ezhichige - do something
debtaagozi - to yell from a distance
noondaagozi - to yell right near someone
gichinendaamo - to be happy
biiskaan - wear it
baatiindoon - to have a lot of something

Aankesijigansan - Connector Words
dash - then
mii - then, so, now
maage - or
chi - very much
geyabi - still
niibina - lots
Pii-ikidowinan - Tenses
daa - indefinite future
wii - definite future
gii - definite past

For some fun Halloween phrases in Ojibwe & recordings for correct pronunciation, visit:

Hand Drum Making Workshop with Dr. Meg Noori

We look forward to seeing everyone who registered at the hand drum making workshop this Saturday at 10 AM @ Trotter Multicultural Center. For those of you who were not one of the first 25 people to register, you are invited to come to our feast on Sunday. More details to follow.

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