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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Update & Some Fun, Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas


I hope your studying is going well!

On December 5th, we elected new positions for NASA's executive board for the upcoming semester.

The following people will be holding positions until the end of the Winter '12 semester when we hold elections again:

External Co-Chair: Forrest Cox, Junior in LS&A, Public Policy
Internal Co-Chair: Andrea Hebner, Senior in LS&A, International Studies
Treasurer: Don Wilkerson, Junior in Ross School of Business, BBA
Secretary: Rayna Caskey, Sophomore in LS&A, Sociology

Additional Positions for this semester:
Programs Chair: Michelle Saboo, Senior in LS&A, American Culture
Social Chair: Haley Mandoka, Junior in LS&A, Communications

We will resume meetings for NASA/powwow planning in January after the break. Be on the lookout for emails about meetings!

I wish you all a happy, stress-free finals week! Good luck on your exams!

Alas, I'll leave you with a list of fun, inexpensive holiday gifts that I have compiled over the past few weeks.

Also, I'm thinking the truffles (first on the list) might be a good fundraiser for NASA in February near Valentine's Day. I made my boyfriend oreo, nutella, and peanut butter truffles for Valentine's Day last year.

They were a huge hit! I spent about $15-20 on ingredients for 120 truffles last year.

I didn't intend on making so many, but I ended up with lots of extras for friends!

Similar truffles sell at chocolate shops downtown for $20 to $25 PER POUND, and people sell them at the farmer's market for 50 cents each.

Perhaps we could make some and sell them in Mason Hall? We'll see...

And finally, the list:
(each item on the list is a link to a tutorial or recipe for that gift)
Food Gifts

Spa Gifts

Home D├ęcor & Photos


Lots of these are links from my favorite blog, MoneySavingMom.
She posts lots of great deals and freebies. Like today- $8 Mossimo jeans at Target!


Enjoy! Have a great vacation and a merry Christmas!

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